Saturday, March 13, 2010

International Collage Exchange 2010

This is my collection of collages for the 2010 exchange. The collages all belong to the series "Chain Reaction" which is about  how human activity can affect the environment for good and for bad.Each of our invdividual actions set in place a chain reaction, like a ripple effect and it's up to us to make decisions that have good ripples.
The main ingrediants in my collages are: my own handmade papers, recycled papers, recycled book images, my own lino cuts, thread from second hand shops and serviettes. Unlike last years collection, where the sewing was entirely decorative the stitches this year is both decorative and functional. They are a form of mark making as well as means of constructing my work with little or no glue. Earth friendly!
You can read full posts about each collage on my Lucky Dip Blog where I've written about the thought process behind each piece and the origins of the materials used to make them.

 I've linked each collage (below) to the relevant post for that collage so if your interested please take a look!  I hope you will enjoy them.

Collage # 1. Chain Reaction
This is the collage I have selected to become part of the permanent collage collection. The rest (hopefully with the exception of # 3) will be swapped out amongst the other particpants.

Collage #2. Connections.


Collage #3.Harmony.
This collage is the one I have selected for sale at the online exhibition on the virtual tart website. I will update my Lucky Dip Blog when the exhibition is open.

Collage #4 On Loan

Collage # 5. Co-dependant.

Collage # 6. Balancing Act.

Collage # 7. Lucky

Collage # 8. Expired

Collage # 9. Ironic

Collage # 10 Urban/Suburban

Collage # 11. Delicate.

Collage # 10. Nightingale.

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  1. These are wonderful collages, but i still like that ripple effect one the best, a fantastic idea.